Puzzle by Organic Lighting


Endless Design Possibilities 


Baldur by Nordeon


One elegant trunking system providing
electrical and mechanical infrastructure
for general and accent lighting


Konkav by Flux


Konkav is an epic design
that was inspired by placing 2 well known
geometric surfaces parallel to each other
and connecting them with a
line of light in between.


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LightoScope in a glance

LightoScope was founded in 1994 by Mr. Benny Riahi.

The company started out in the computerized lighting arena and
worked in entertainment  productions. Over the years, the company turned to events, it has gained a lot of
experience and then began to pick up different  trends.
Early 2000s, business began to develop in the field of LED lighting.
First began to create different lighting fixtures using various applications on LED,
after several years began production in the East and since 2004 the business 
began to import and manufacture lighting fixtures and replacements in the LED industry.
Business Solutions also offers design, installation, consultancy and support throughout the project conduct.
Our employees engaged in: Administration, Procurement, Sales, Warehouse and a Technical Laboratory.

our clientele divided into: Commercial, Industrial and Municipal








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